Build Requirements

Procurement of all Building Services image

Hospitality Procurement will procure and supply a range of service professionals and products for the entire building phase of a hospitality project.

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Traditional Procurement

Catering to Hotel Departments image

Hospitality Procurement offers traditional hospitality procurement services for hotel all requirements ranging from housekeeping to security.

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Environmentally Protective

Environmentally Friendly Products image

Hospitality Procurement sources and supplies a range of environmentally conscious products for the hospitality industry, including waste disposal and water treatment solutions.

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Welcome to Hospitality Procurement East Africa

“Hospitality is the art of making a guest feel at home, valued and welcome”

Hospitality Procurement is a sourcing, procurement and transportation management agent for the hospitality and allied industries.

We will source products for every department in your lodge or hotel, from industrial kitchens and laundry equipment to guest amenities and dressing gowns. We find them, negotiate the best possible price and arrange transport to your door.

As both a supplier and service provider, we can source and negotiate whatever you need, leaving you to concentrate on running your establishment so you save time and money.

Our scope is as wide as the ocean – the possibilities are endless and depend only on your unique requirements. Nothing is too big or too small.

Contact us to see how we can help you.

Latest Case Study

Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania image

Hospitality Procurement and its parent company Consolidated Procurement were awarded the procurement contract for Grumeti Reserves.

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