Eau de Vie

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Eau de Vie – Fresh Filtered Water Systems

What is Eau de Vie

Eau de Vie is a premium water filtration system designed and developed by a leading hospitality professional based on 15 years of experience as a user of filtered products. With a growing perception that expensive bottled water and water coolers were intrinsically wasteful solutions, filtration rapidly became the future of supplying good quality drinking water in a variety of locations… conference venues, offices, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Eau de Vie developed its system to be simple. Reliable and hygienic in operation as well as cost effective to run. Custom-made accessories facilitate dependable operation and our nationwide service team means complete peace of mind.

The Eau de Vie Range

Eau de Vie systems supply ‘real time’ fresh filtered water from water delivered by the local mains supply.
At the heart of every system are the unique Eau de Vie SilverSix Filters, part of a wider filtration system that removes those impurities which often adversely affect water composition and flavour.

The filtered water is then chilled to the required temperature, optionally carbonated and delivered through a dispense tap (or taps) to provide a constant supply of premium-quality fresh filtered water, chilled and sparkling.

Eau de Vie systems were initially developed for the hospitality sector where high expectations for premium quality drinking water were matched by demanding logistical system needs.

For maximum flexibility of installation there are both free-standing units and remote cassette units, the latter being intended for integration into existing shelving or bespoke architecture-designed environments.

The only on-site requirements for installation are one 15 amp 3-pin power socket within one metre of the location, and a cold mains water supply (minimum 3.5 bar water pressure) within three metres of the location.

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