The Rocket Composter

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For the safe and hygienic on-site processing of organic wastes

Being environmentally friendly is a huge consideration for many establishments. The Rocket composter offers a safe, “green” option for organic waste disposal. The A500 Rocket Composter is the smallest of four models available.

The A500 is a compact composter that is continuously processing up to 900 litres of organic waste each week. A thermostat controls the entire process automatically, requiring minimum input from anyone. Available as a mobile or stationary organic waste solution, the Rocket A500 requires only a standard single-phase 240-volt power supply.

The Rocket compost system is suitable for the processing of:

  • Cooked & uncooked meat and fish
  • Cooked & uncooked fruit & vegetables
  • Garden waste
  • Animal waste (including some type of bedding)

The A500 is the leading composter in the UK, offering savings on expensive waste disposal costs for many organisations.

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Larger Rocket Composters are also available, depending on your needs: