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The Scope of our Business Speciality

Traditionally, a procurement company would concentrate its business on the middle sector – supplying products to the hotel industry.

Hospitality procurement has responded to its customer requirements by working both down and upstream of the traditional hospitality procurement brief.

Business Speciality

Hospitality Procurement offers a sourcing, procurement and transportation management service to the hospitality industry, encompassing:

  • Sourcing goods, wherever possible directly from the manufacturer, and hence, reducing the cost of your goods.
  • Procuring or purchasing the goods on your behalf, often done with an escrow account as this ensures quicker delivery of your goods.
  • Arranging road, sea and airfreight transportation.
  • Attending to mandatory documentation for export and import.
  • Liaison with freight forwarders on the receiving side.
  • Keeping you informed as to the progress of your shipment.

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